I am. I exist.

Something does not feel right with my life… I have a job, money, friends and family but I am missing something…

I ask myself

  • What if, I change one thing and my world changes forever?
  • I keep asking myself, what is this one thing that I change?

I AM the change I choose to B|C in the world

How I change

I learn about my consciousness and I am aware of the difference between thought and consciousness. I learn that this is the one experience that I share with everyone else. I am aware of this and I am no longer alone. Fear and insecurity leave me forever. I am at peace with myself and everyone and everything in the universe.


I realise that I have been living a lie. I need some support and guidance as I begin to awaken. My new-found awareness is a little confusing to begin with. I seek the guidance of a life sponsor. My anonymous life sponsor supports me as I focus and my awareness increases. I increase the GAP between my consciousness and the thinking mind. I am my conscious-self.


I achieve self-awareness and I connect with my conscious-self, I connect with people who already share my consciousness.


I am the choice… I am the change I chose to see in the world.

I am. I exist.